Educational Grants

The Scudder Association Foundation is founded on promoting and supporting the spirit of service. While a great deal of that service has been abroad, the education and training has long been encouraged and facilitated here by the Foundation. The Scudder Association Foundation has established funds specifically to provide scholarships for those seeking careers in:


Medical and Nursing Studies

The Scudder Association provides scholarships for those candidates wishing to pursue degrees or advanced degrees in medicine and health related programs.

Social Services

Teaching – Psychological Counseling – Public Social Services Studies

This category covers a wide range of degree and post degree programs. Generally at the undergraduate level this falls under the Humanitarian Studies. This provides a gateway to education, social and professional counseling .  At the graduate level this becomes more specialized and generally is recognized on an application basis.



 Spiritual Guidance

Religious and Spiritual Studies


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A Scholarship Committee functions throughout the year. Today Scudder Scholarships, in limited number, are available to worthy and qualified students in the United States and abroad.

Scudder Scholarship standards closely parallel those of leading American colleges and universities. Academic standing, leadership, financial need and the life purpose of applicants are carefully weighed in making awards.

There is no greater gift than that of knowledge.

Contributions to our Educational Grant Funds are always welcomed.  This is a wonderful opportunity to give to someone who will spend a lifetime helping others. Current scholarships are made available due largely to a past member bequest.  The Board wishes to expand the scholarship program and will encourage active participation in expanding our fund base.  We hope that you will help.



Tax Advantages

Besides the “obvious”, there are many other advantages to giving – Discover the financial advantages to gifting




 Grant Application


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