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We're so excited to have raised $21,540 so far, for this campaign. With the 2:1 matching our final total will be 3 times that amount!

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  1. Richard Scudder

    Elisa Aldous is a Foundation Board Member and the granddaughter of our Historian Margery Boyden.

  2. Josh Irons

    Happy to help

  3. Andrea (Scudder) Hera

    I’m SO glad the Scudders are stepping up to help our Indian friends in their time of need. God bless!

  4. Molly Scudder Miller

    Helping those in need, proud of the Scudder’s indeed!

  5. Molly Scudder Miller

    Helping those in need…proud of the Scudder’s indeed!

  6. Peter Scudder Thoms

    Thank you for helping the people of India at this very difficult time.

  7. John Riehl

    I thoroughly enjoyed Jim’s impassioned comments. Happy to be a supporter of such a worthwhile initiative!


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