Support Our Education Grant Program

The Scudder Association is founded on promoting and supporting the spirit of service. While a great deal of that service has been abroad, the education and training has long been encouraged and facilitated here by the Scudder Association. The Scudder Association has...

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Christian Medical College – CMC

CMC Vellore was founded by an American, Dr. Ida S. Scudder. Born in South India in 1870, she spent most of her childhood in the US and was educated there. In 1899 was one of the first woman graduates of Cornell Medical as a doctor, she returned to Vellore to provide...

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SMH Wilhelmina Noordyk Nursing Scholarship Campaign

Let's Celebrate the wonderful service of Wilhelmina Noordyk and her commitment to the Scudder Memorial Hospital Nursing School.   Over her 35 years of service she become the first Nursing Superintendent of the Scudder Memorial Hospital, in Ranipet, India. With the...

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Jawadhi Hills Campaign

“One small step for philanthropy, one giant leap for the Scudder Association.”

It is a distinct pleasure to launch our first fully integrated on-line charitable campaign.

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Educational Grant Scholarships

 "Old" money can get lonely. Here's how... The Scudder Association was founded principally to provide financial assistance to the Scudder medical missions overseas. Funds were established for supporting both short and long term operational goals. To insure future...

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