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The Beat Goes on and on and …

Our recent CMC Vellore Foundation, Chair- woman, Dr. Honorine Ward, saying how pleased she was to shared this link with us.  Like Honorine, we should all be pleased and proud of the Taylor family and their remarkable tradition of “Service to Others.”

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The Scudder Association is founded on promoting and supporting the spirit of service. While a great deal of that service has been abroad, the education and training has long been encouraged and facilitated here by the Scudder Association Foundation…

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Did Dr. John Scudder Know He Had Two Scudder Missionary Cousins Aboard the Indus, 1819?

To begin their amazing multi-generational saga of providing more than 40 Scudder missionaries to Ceylon and India, Dr. John Scudder and his wife Harriet (Waterbury) Scudder had to go through the formal….      


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Come explore our long and distinguished history of service to others. The Scudder Association Foundation continues this family…


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Meet The Scudders

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Scudder Family History

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